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Three questions to the artist
"Over the years my typewriter work has developed in to its own thing, I have discovered various techniques and developed a figurative aesthetic."

Which thoughts is behind these artworks?
In 2004 I was making a lot of minimalistic music in different constellations within the yoyooyoy collective. I was heavily
inspired by composers such as Steve Reich, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, John Cale and John Cage. The dense and
repetitive nature of some compositions by those guys, containing a long static development combined with a massive
amount of sonic details of rhythmical phasing and tonal modulation, was to me a natural and reasonable form of music.
Instead of being centered around the human condition it had a scientific, investigating and natural thing going on.
Listening to certain minimalistic works can be like a wordless learning experience, where the sonic material is an
expression of metric systems and the harmonic ratio of oscillations.

It was the overall aesthetics of this music and its methods of composition that drove me to use the typewriter to make a
graphical realization of that kind of music. Over the years my typewriter work has developed in to its own thing, I have
discovered various techniques and developed a figurative aesthetic. But the central thing is still the modulations that
appears when typing in layers and the rhythmical variations when applying metric accents while typing. To me its like a
taking snapshot of the modulations that happens somewhere on the journey of a single tone becoming white noise, or a
single beat becoming rhythmic cacophony.

How can these pieces be seen in relation to your other work?
Most of my music- as well as graphic work throughout the last 10 years or so have been centered around minimalistic
variations, modulations and the connection between a massive/brutal shapes and a densely detailed textures.

What materials and/or techniques are in play?
Erika-, Addo-, Mercedes- and IBM Selectric II typewriters, black ribbon, A4 carton.

Title: 7 : . ` ,
Department: Deponeret kunst
Object Number: SKF-2015-191
Type: Graphics
Material: karton, blæk
Dimensions: 45 × 33 × 1,5 cm
Place of purchase: ApArt
Date: 2015

Danish Institutions with public access in Denmark and abroad, can apply for a loan of artworks through the Danish Arts Foundation. The artworks are created by some of the best artists in Denmark. The artworks are bought for public areas where many people pass through on a daily basis. These areas include schools, hospitals and other public institutions and buildings.

As a principle, the artworks are lended out in a period of maximum ten years.

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Foto: Thomas Andersen
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