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Kunstneren om værket
"Through live work and multimedia installations-including photography, video and sound and sculpture Mary Coble aims to manifest problems of bodily, societal and symbolic navigation particularly focusing on issues of injustice and normative boundaries."

Through the live performance Performing Defiance Coble focuses on the raised fist as a repeated symbol of protest. The artist questions contemporary discourses of progress and success, for instance in regards to homonationalist takes on gay rights and the mainstreaming and commercialization of LGBTQ Pride marches which initially were part of social activist movements with the goal to claim space and create visibility. Coble uses the raised fist as an act of opposition to structures of exclusion and as a reminder to protest the discrimination of society’s marginalised groups. The performance includes a pink triangle, the iconic and reclaimed symbol for homosexuality, which Coble activates with the tactical frivolity of glitter bombing. In the work Coble embodies a protesting figure jumping with their fist raised over an exaggerated period of time, stretching this expression of dissatisfaction to it’s potential in a durational act of resistance. The repeated gestures of protest vacillate between excitement and failure. Adding a pink latex triangle and an abundance of glitter to the act of raising a clenched fist, the artist activates a number of codes, traditions and tactics from queer history and counter-culture. Coble thus combines both the exhilaration and exhaustion of an extended protest that allows for unpredictability, messiness and failure as strategies in the fight for non-conformative values. Performing Defiance is a 1 hour live performance that includes a sound piece constructed from protests around the world. The photographic series Untitled 1-5 (from Performing Defiance) was shot onsite, by photographer Clare Britt, on the occasion of the live performance "Performing Defiance" as part of the RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL (2015), Chicago, Illinois. This series of 5 images were created by artist Mary Coble.

Mary Coble Biography
Through live work and multimedia installations-including photography, video and sound and sculpture Mary Coble aims to manifest problems of bodily, societal and symbolic navigation particularly focusing on issues of injustice and normative boundaries. Recurrent themes in Coble’s work revolve around queer politics, poetics and histories often working site-specifically, research-based and - from time to time - collectively/participatory. Engagement in artistic practices and interventions within and outside of established institutions and the use of activist strategies are integral to Coble’s work, which has been included in exhibitions such as Queer Objectivity, The Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD; The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive, Nikolaj Center of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, Denmark and in the traveling archive re.act.feminism #2-a performing archive. Coble has most recently performed live as part of the Rapid Pulse Performance Festival in Chicago, Illinois; the MADE Festival, Umea, Sweden; Commitment Issues: An Evening of Performances at Oasis Aqualounge, an ‘up-scale sex club” supported by FADO Performance Art Network, Toronto, Canada; Global Feminisms, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY and at Artists Space in Performa 05. The most recent multimedia solo exhibitions include Gestures of Defiance at the Vita Kuben, Umea, Sweden (2015), Protest in Pride a work commissioned by the Gothenburg Pride Festival (2014) at Gothenburg City Library and in the Pride March, Deferral, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC (2013) and Maneuvering, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark (2012). Originally from North Carolina, USA, Coble currently lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and is a Senior Lecturer in the Fri Konst and Photography Units of the MFA Programs at Valand Academy of Art, Gothenburg University.

Fra folderen 'Performance - med fotografiet som redskab'
En knyttet næve. Et symbol på kamp, men også en konkret kropslig handling. Det er kunstneren Mary Cobles næve, som hun her hæver i protest i værket Performing Defiance. I performancen hopper kunstneren op og ned mens hun i løbet af en time bokser løs på en lyserød, trekantet latexballon. Den lyserøde trekant var oprindeligt et symbol, som blev sat på homoseksuelle i nazisternes koncentrationslejre under Anden Verdenskrig, men bruges i dag i kampen for homoseksuelles rettigheder. Det er bare som om, at luften er gået en smule af ballonen. At det, der engang var dødsensalvorligt, nu er fyldt med konfetti i regnbuens farver. Mary Coble protesterer i hvert fald. I trods, som titlen siger. Med hele sin krop og sin knyttede næve. Men hun performer også ’protest’ som en genkendelig handling, en form for kulturel kode, der fastfrosset i fotografierne er klar til at blive brugt – af dig og mig og alle andre. Tekst: Camilla Jalving

Denne fotoperformance er bestilt af Legatudvalget for billedkunst.


Title: Performing Defiance
Department: Deponeret kunst
Object Number: SKF-2015-fotoperformance2-a
Type: Photo
Material: Fotoperformanceserien består af 5 værker
Dimensions: 40 × 47,5 cm 142 x 40,5 cm 52 x 40,5 cm 50 x 40,5 cm 127,5 x 40,5 cm
Date: 2015

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